The Institut Marques in Barcelona is an international reference centre in gynaecology and assisted reproduction with more than 95 years experience.  Leaders in innovation and with an excellence based medical care, Institut Marques treats patients from more than 50 different countries and specialises in treating complex cases e.g. patients who have had previously failed treatment.  The clinic has one of the best success rates with an 89% pregnancy rate (cumulative at 12 week scan) for IVF with egg donation.

If you would like to discuss a referral for treatment please contact us on 01483 451669 or complete our enquiry form.

IVF with Egg Donation

Egg Donation Fertility

UK based patients can choose between travelling to the Institut Marques clinic in Barcleona or undergoing the full treatment at the Institut Marques Clane (Ireland).  In the case of egg donation, the sperm sample can be collected in the UK which means that only the woman will be required to travel on the day of the embryo transfer.

Institut Marques has its own pre-implantation genetic diagnosis laboratory, sperm bank and wide programme of egg donation with all the phenotypes.  The clinic offers anonymous and known donation. 

Institut Marques also has one of the largest embryo adoption programmes in the world which has led to the birth of 1,000 babies so far.  The embryos come from families who have previously completed an assisted reproduction cycle and do not wish to have more children.  Embryo adoption can be carried out in both Barcelona and Clane.

Egg Donation Fertility
Egg Donation Fertility

The waiting list in the UK for treatment with donor eggs can be lengthy - sometimes in excess of a year.  Therefore, to try and provide an alternative solution for his patients, Mr Curtis has entered into partnership with the Institut Marques, one of the most successful egg donation centres in Europe.  Whilst donors in Spain still undergo the same thorough screening process as they would in the UK the waiting time is often much shorter and treatment can be started almost immediately.

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​ Mr Paul Curtis MBChB  FRCOG

​   Consultant Gynaecologist

As part of this venture, should you decide to undergo treatment with the Institut Marques, Mr Curtis will provide you with a locally based point of contact who can perform many of the initial stages of treatment for you here in the UK.  Your consultation, screening tests and scans for cycle monitoring can all take place at a Guildford hospital with Mr Curtis which means that the number of times you would need to travel to Spain is greatly reduced.

Egg Donation