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Types of Infertility

Pregnancy and Fertility

For patients requiring assisted conception in the form of IVF, IUI, ICSI or require donor eggs or sperm, Mr Curtis can arrange to see you privately at the Woking Nuffield Hospital or can assist you in making an NHS funded application if you are eligible.

If you are interested in undergoing treatment abroad using donor eggs to cut down on the often lengthy UK waiting lists, Mr Curtis also has links with the Institut Marques in Spain.  Please click here for more information about egg donation.

affects around 15% of couples trying for a baby and as many as 3.5 million couples in the UK struggle to conceive.

You have conceived in the past but are struggling to conceive again.

Further Options

Not all couples that are struggling to conceive will necessarily need assisted conception such as IVF.  Following an initial consultation to discuss your medical history and personal circumstances e.g. how long you have been trying to conceive for and whether either partner has had children previously, Mr Curtis will talk to you about the recommended course of action.  This may involve blood tests, scans, semen analysis or an x-ray of your fallopian tubes to check for potential blockages.

For women who are not ovulating regularly you may be prescribed medication in the form of Clomiphene or Tamoxifen which helps to encourage regular ovulation and women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome may also be prescribed Metformin.  In some circumstances surgical procedures to investigate and/or treat any underlying conditions which may be affecting your fertility may be required.

During any treatment that Mr Curtis recommends he will always talk to you honestly about your results and the best options for treatment.



Secondary Infertility -


Primary Infertility -

There are two types of infertility:

Mr Curtis specialises in infertility and is a member of the British Fertility Society.  Having studied at the University of Bristol he then spent time as a Medical Researcher, investigating male infertility.  Mr Curtis is now a senior member of the Surrey IVF team, having been invited to join the facility which operates at the Victoria Wing of the Woking Nuffield Hospital in 1996. 

​You have never conceived in the past and have been trying unsuccessfully for more than one year.